We have said it in our earlier posts and we will say it again: The ‘first six years’ are a period for maximum brain development and absolutely foundational in nature. This development depends on the love and nurturance a child receives in combination with other essentials of adequate nutrition, physical care and early stimulation. The presence of a responsible and informed adult care giver is essential to fulfill the needs of children. Though this should ideally take place within the family domain, in the current context of working parents and especially for families living in poverty where survival battles take away from the time needed to care for young children, institution care options become a critical.

The success of any child care provision is largely dependent on the quality of the ‘creche workers/ personnel’, who in the absence of the mother should be ‘caring’, ‘loving’ and provide care to address the multiple needs of the child. Therefore at the heart of the Mobile Creches childcare programme is the Childcare Worker. This is the common, non-negotiable element that is incorporated in the multiple models that function through our interventions at construction sites and slum-based communities.