Just tell a story

We often hear communication experts tell us that the best way to get a message across is to tell a story. Don’t say how great your organization is or who the founder was or what your fundraising challenge is. Just tell a story. At Mobile Creches, we often start with the following:

Pramila from Bilaspur has been on five different construction sites in the last seven years in Delhi. She feels that everything is temporary here: her stay, the site, the job and life itself … she has lost many precious belongings in the course of her moves, cooking pots, tulsi plants, …

It’s a familiar story - families moving in search of work, from village to the city, from paddy fields to brick kilns, from quarries to construction sites, with children, pots and pans, few clothes and little else. For 10,000,000 young children in India today, this movement is the only constant they know.